Monarch Butterfly Locket
Monarch Butterfly Locket
Monarch Butterfly Locket

Monarch Butterfly Locket

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Monarch Butterfly Double Sided Stainless Steel Locket -- Danaus plexippus

The iconic rock star of the butterfly world, with successive generations working their way north during the summer and a "super generation" migrating to overwintering areas in Mexico and California.

Our Pacific Northwest monarchs are struggling, with populations in rapid decline.  In 2019 we saw two total in Northern Oregon while doing field work.  There are some data points indicating that they may bounce back going forward.  Time will tell.

Specimens we use are sourced from butterfly farms working with healthier east coast populations.

Item Details:

  • Two gorgeous real Monarch Butterfly wing sections, hindwing on front and forewing on back.
  • 25 mm outside diameter surgical stainless steel locket with clear glass faces.
  • Surgical stainless steel chain.  Select 18 or 24 inch length
  • Locket is sealed with jewelers adhesive to preserve the wings inside.  Attempted opening of locket not recommended.
  • Made to order.  Typically ships in a few working days.